The ultimate goal is to give you the freedom to live in your home longer. However, you don't need to be restricted to a chair to appreciate universal design. Many of our clients are already implementing ideas from these displays in everyday kitchens. It's not what you can do for your kitchen, it's what your kitchen can do for you!

​Preparing for this has been a project years in the making. Should you require it, our partnership with Pro-Active Therapy allows us to offer in-home assessments all over the Province. Working with an Occupational Therapist, we can ensure that your renovation will work for you not just today but for years to come. We invite you to come in today for more information.

Whether it's due to limited mobility or aging gracefully in your home, we think everyone should have a functional kitchen. We are proud to be the only showroom in the Maritimes with a fully functional universal kitchen display.

Featuring extra high toe kicks that allow the seamless use of a wheelchair, specialty counter heights, unique pull down accessories, ultra-durable finishes & more. You can then choose and implement specifically what will work for you.

Home Accessibility

Tax Credit (HATC)


Renovations that can make a home more accessible or safe for someone with a disability tax certificate, or a senior (65 years or up), may qualify for a tax credit. This credit may also apply if you are supporting someone who qualifies for the credit. Home Accessibility Tax Credit (HATC), a federal credit, can be applied to any eligible expenses for up to a limit of $10,000/year and can result in a maximum tax credit of $1500 

The New Brunswick Seniors’

Home Renovation Tax Credit


This is a provincial tax credit which can help with the costs of renovating your principal residence for safety and accessibility. On eligible home improvements up to $10,000, residents can qualify for a total tax credit of up to $1,000 per year. To qualify you must be:

  • a senior (aged 65 or older)

  • living with a senior relative in your home

Tax credits

* Don't forget to ask us about accessible bathrooms! *