How do I get pre-approved for financing?

All applications are initiated by our partners. Consumers can apply for financing in store with the merchant, via invitation by the merchant or by a shareable link attached the merchant’s website.


Who does your financing?

Financeit works with banks and other capital providers to offer point-of-sale loans, which borrowers can pay back through dependable monthly, or biweekly instalments.


What is an "in-house loan"?

This simply means that you are able to apply for the loan at our location without the need for trips to other banks or other lending institutions.

What type of loan is it?

Our loans are installment loans comprised of principal and interest.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts available for financing?

Under our Home Improvement vertical the minimum amount is $1,000 and maximum amount is $60,000


What can I finance?

Any Home Improvement/Renovation projects


Do I have to finance my entire renovation?

No, you may finance a partial amount of the project.


Are the loans hard to get?

No, our approval decision process is instant.


What are the interest rates?

Our standard  interest rates vary from 7.99 – 11.99%


What penalty do I pay if I pay the loan off early?

Great news, there is no penalty to pay off your financing early when using Financeit


How does the interest accrue on my loan?

Interest is incurred daily.


Is there a lien put on my property?

No. We do not attach any liens to your property. This is an unsecured loan. However the loans and history are reported to the credit bureaus.


FinanceIt is currently taking the monthly payments automatically via pre-authorized debits. Can I request a change in the amount and the date the payment is taken?

Our payment plans provide some flexibility. Consumers may change the date on which their payments are drawn however, the payment amount cannot change.


Can I make payments or pay the loan in full with my credit card?

Consumers may pay off their loans with their credit cards via the borrower portal. A surcharge will be applied.


What are the different options available to me to make my payments on my loan?
  • There are many options to making additional payments. Consumers may add “Financeit Canada Inc.” as a payee and make payments via their online banking platform.

  • Consumers can also call us directly and we may process an additional payment for them directly through their bank account.

  • Consumers may mail in a cheque or money order

  • Credit card payments can be made via the borrower portal.


Can I have automatic payments set up for weekly or bi-weekly payments?

Our payment plans offer monthly or bi-weekly payment options.


Can I reduce the monthly payment amount?

Payment amounts may not be altered.


Can I skip a payment and put it on the end of the term of my loan?

Skip payments are not available.


Can anyone make payments on the loan?

It might be possible that someone could make an extra payment using online banking or a credit card that is not in the borrower's name, but in general we expect payments to be coming from the borrower.