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At Kitchen Fashions we feel that honesty is the best policy. We’ve built our business on our reputation, referrals, and repeat clients. We like to think that we don’t design the space for you; instead we educate and give you the tools to package your dreams into a space you’ll love for years to come. Now all of that sounds lovely but for most of us, at the end of the day, our happiness comes down to dollars and cents. So today we thought it would be a good idea to touch on just that and go over some of our most commonly asked money-related questions.

How much does an average kitchen cost?

This is one we get a lot. It’s a tough question because there are so many factors. We’ve done kitchens in apartment buildings for a couple of thousand dollars per unit and we’ve done elaborate kitchens in custom homes for into the six figures. The honest truth is that we don’t have an exact average because every job is so different. However, our market stats tell us that cabinetry/countertops should be around 8-15% of the value of the home. Keep in mind that this rule of thumb is better suited for new construction because renovations will almost always require additional funds to prepare a space. On the lower end, if you’re building a new $250,000 home. We would generally estimate that cabinetry/countertop for the whole home would be around 8% of the value or approximately $20,000 for both the kitchens and the baths. As the value of the home increases, usually the physical size of the kitchen and bathrooms will increase. Additionally, high-end homes tend to have extra custom items such as cabinetry in the closets, seating in the mudroom, laundry room storage, something around the hearth, a basement bar, a hutch for the fine china, entertainment units, or all of the above. A good rule of thumb to keep up with the market is: per $125,000 in home value we would estimate an additional 1% of the home value would go towards cabinetry/countertop. For example at $375,000 it would be closer to 9% or $33,750. At $500,000 closer to 10% or $50,000. At $750,000, it would be closer to 12% or $90,000 and so on. Of course these rules aren’t set in stone, and some may choose to spend less or more but it’s a good guideline.

How important is it to have a budget before starting and do I have to tell my designer that budget?

Walking into a kitchen/bath/cabinetry store without a budget is a bit like walking into the Chevrolet dealer and saying you want a car but you’re not willing to tell the car sales person whether your monthly payment can accommodate a Cavalier or a Corvette, it matters! Sure you can sit in the Corvette, slam the doors, pop the hood, but at the end of the day there is no point in getting your heart set on a top of the line model when it’s not in the budget. Our world is the very same; the fancy accessories, the gloss finishes, the raised panel this, and hand made that, we have a lot of really nice things! However, some of these things come at a bit of a premium. It’s always good to come in with a budget not because we want to spend every dime, but so we can guide you accordingly. With slight changes to the layout and adjusting finishes, we can almost always find a solution that fits. Maybe stone countertops are important to you but you’re flexible on cabinetry style and colour. Everyone is different but ultimately it's always about balance and maintaining that budget. If you have a reasonable budget, I promise we’ll get you a fantastic space which you will love and of which your friends will be very jealous. If you’re not sure if your budget is reasonable ask a professional. If a place charges for quotes, don’t buy there.

How does your cabinetry price compare to the big box stores?

Regardless of where you go, box store A, B or C, our competition, or us, it will be difficult to compare apples to apples because designs always vary greatly from one place to another. Everyone has their unique twists which will not only change the design but will also dramatically affect the cost. Again this is why knowing your budget prior to design is so important. If you are asking if our custom built, high quality, locally made cabinets are cheaper than something mass produced in China with no regard to the environment, using inadequate materials, and sold out of a discount warehouse which you assemble yourself, the answer is probably not. However, you’d probably be surprised to know that if the designs & materials are the same, we’re going to be in the same ballpark. After all, if we weren’t price-competitive, we wouldn’t be here; it’s really that simple. Today we won’t get into the nitty gritty of why we feel what we do is superior in quality to what you’re going to find at a box store but if you’d like to know, we’d be happy to show you.

For any further price related questions feel free to email, call, or stop into the showroom. We’ve got nothing to hide and try to be as transparent as possible.

Thanks for reading!


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